About The Restaurant

In our hometown of scenic Groton, Massachusetts, our family is opening a 200 patron progressive fine dining restaurant with a craft cocktail lounge, gorgeous dining room, second floor function hall, private dining room and outdoor patio. We want the Groton Station House to be a point of pride for the town!

We have completed a meticulous renovation of a stately brick building dating from 1915 that rediscovers the elegance, nostalgia and excitement of the early twentieth century with dramatic feature lighting, warm mahogany millwork and classic turnbuckle construction. The craft cocktail lounge comfortably accommodates fifty patrons at the bar, high-tops, booths and banquettes that overlook your open kitchen. We have found mixologists who are masters of their craft with expertise in classic cocktails from the turn-of-the-century vintage of the building as well as creative cocktails inspired by the lore and drama of Groton. Shoulder-high landscaping on the outdoor brick patio offers the quiet romance of an evening under the stars, and the thirteen-foot ceilings of the second floor’s private dining room and function hall are uniquely special.

Warmest wishes,
The McElroy Family

About Us

Groton Center Farms is family privately owned facility. We give the best care to our happy free-range animals, feeding them only the highest quality of food. The farm is home to our own farm raised chickens, sheep, goats, and cows. Several honeybee colonies gather nectar from the wild flowering plants and produce sweet clover honey that is harvested twice a year. We also grow a variety of produce including apples, peaches, rhubarb, and blueberries. Our farm stand, located on Mayfield Road in Groton, Massachusetts sells fresh farm eggs, pure maple syrup, and apparel.

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Building History

The address of 20 Station Avenue was a site chosen some 100 years ago to erect a brick building to house the Odd Fellows Hall. The building, as originally constructed, consisted of two floors, containing about 3,800 total square feet.

In 1940 the premises were purchased by the Town of Groton and repurposed as a Fire Station. Some years later, the Fire Department added another 1,200 square feet to the East side in order to house additional fire trucks and equipment for the growing town. Part of the second floor was renovated to accommodate an office and a bathroom for the fire fighters.

Over the years, the second floor has served a remarkable variety of functions including a meeting place during the Town Hall reconstruction, the Boy Scout headquarters, and even the site of Groton’s famed chess club for a number of years.

In 2014, when the new Fire Station neared completion, the Groton Board of Selectman and other boards solicited proposals to privatize the building. Several town boards reviewed the applications and selected the McElroy application based on its bid and envisioned use of the building. The vote for the McElroy proposal was unanimously approved by all town boards and ratified by a town meeting vote.